Become A Volunteer

About Us

Boots for Africa is a global, yet community-driven organisation. In many African communities, you will see children playing sports in their bare feet on rubble-strewn ground.

Our aim is to help develop the skills and fitness of disadvantaged children, and provide more children with the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful game. 

We break down barriers to sport participation and strengthen communities by collecting and distributing quality, new and pre-loved boots from all around the world, and distribute them to disadvantaged children and youth in Africa.

Volunteer (n) – an ordinary person with an extraordinary heart; someone who gives of their time, knowledge and experience without any expectation of remuneration.

Volunteers are love in motion” – Anon

“The first rule of volunteering: If you promise to do something, you do it!” – Anon

Qualities Of Great Volunteers…

• They have integrity, a strong value system and work well with others.
• They hit the ground running and approach their tasks with enthusiasm and drive.
• Their positive spirit is motivating and inspiring to everyone around them.
• They are flexible and approach their work with an open mind and a willingness to learn.
• They are truly passionate about their cause and have the ability to share that passion with the community.
• They are reliable and can be trusted when they make a commitment.

How Do I Become A Boots For Africa Volunteer?

Volunteering at Boots for Africa involves important and emotional work. As such, all prospective Boots For Africa volunteers are required to submit a current CV, as well as complete a detailed application form (available from the our office). This is followed by a short selection process, which includes an interview with the Volunteer Co-ordinator. Volunteers are chosen and assigned duties in line with their abilities and availability.

Do I Require Training Or Experience?

There are several ongoing supportive duties at Boots for Africa and volunteers are welcomed in the following areas:

– Marketing and Communications
– Volunteer management
– Collection points Co-ordination
– Event Co-ordination

*Information regarding what each duty involves will be given during the interview process.

How Much of My Time Will Be Required?

A timetable is included in the application form for you to indicate your availability, although 3 hours per week is recommended to ensure that you become an active part of a very dedicated team.


What Happens If I Can No Longer Volunteer or Need to Take a Break from Volunteering for a While?

We require a month’s notice if you are no longer able to fulfill your volunteer duties. We understand that life is busy, so we categorise our volunteers as either ‘active’ or ‘inactive’ depending on their circumstances.